Welcome to Steel Forge Games and to a world limited only by your imagination. Steel Forge Game products provide you with an exciting form of escapism through the stories you create with your friends. Started by Basil Koufos, a passionate tabletop role-player and gamer, who's goal was to design role-playing systems and setting guideline manuals that allowed players to create their own worlds and adventures using all in one well priced books. MIGHT: Fantasy Role-Playing System And Setting Guideline Manual was first published in 2013 and updated in 2015. Bullet: Special Forces Role-Playing System And Setting Guideline Manual followed in 2017. The rules within either of these books are all that you need to begin your adventures. So gather your friends, grab your dice and let the good times "roll"!
BULLET Bullet is an all-in-one Special Forces soldiers or undercover operatives basic role-playing game. It includes a mission creating guide to help build action packed adventures. Product Details
32 pages
ISBN: 9780620756723
MIGHT Might is an all-in-one fantasy role-playing game without restrictive character class and race constraints. The rules within help you create the fantasy world you want to explore. Product Details
112 pages
ISBN: 9780620565110
Download free MIGHT Character sheet Download free BULLET Character sheet